Dr. Super's Concrete and Virtual Manipulatives


I. Triango! - Creative Publications (1994-2002) - (to order call 1-800-624-0822)

II. Dr. Super's Triangles - Creative Publications (1996-2002) - ( to order call 1-800-624-0822)

III. Super Math with Terrific Triangles - Scott Resources (1997-2003) - ( to order call 1-800-289-9299)

IV. Trigram Puzzle and Exploring Trigonometry - Stokes Publishing (1997-Present) - (to order call 1-408-541-9145)

V. Factor Blocks - ETA (1998-Present) - (to order call 1-800-445-5985)



VI. Dr. Super's GeoFigures

VII. Dr. Super's GeoJr




Creative Publications' catalogs state:

"Grades 3-adult - This game by Dr. SuperTM sharpens strategic thinking and logic skills in students of all ages. Two players take turns placing one of three different triangle-based game pieces on the triangular game board. The player who places the last piece wins. Includes a 40-page teacher's guide by Behrouz Aghevli and Mark Spikell, bursting with ideas to teach strategic thinking with TRIANGO!TM"

TRIANGO - Game by Dr. Super - Bank's World - December 1993


Creative Publications' middle school catalog states:

"Grades 6-8 - Exclusively from Creative Publications! Explore algebra, fractions, and symmetry with this unique, new right-triangle manipulative. Manipulative set contains 8 large, 18 medium, and 24 small triangles for motivating experiences in middle and high school math. Each teacher resource book features:

A complete Unit with four direct, concise, one week lessons

Motivating activities that challenge students to explore mathematical concepts using a manipulative approach

Detailed suggestions throughout for tailoring the activities to your students' needs and interests

Assessment option provided as an integral part of the program at the end of each week's work, plus Assessment Guide in each book

Individual, small group, and whole class activities

Blackline masters

Use Dr. Super's Triangles for a dynamic new approach to these important areas of your curriculum. Each book 80 pages."

Fitz D Pieces - An Exploration in Algebra and Geometry

Article about Dr. Super's Triangles - George Mason Gazette December 1996

CONQUERING THE MATH MONSTER Washington Post - December 1994


The early promotional material from Scott Resources and Hubbard Scientific describes the program as: "Hands-on experiences for mathematical concept development. Full curriculum mathematics program, Kindergarten and 1st grade available 1997, 2nd grade available 1998. Games/Activities to motivate learners in building foundation in number concepts. Numeration, Fact Families, Operations, Connections to money. Evaluation tools in each activity Developmentally appropriate activities."

As Easy as One, Two, Three, Fractals - A Visual Approach to Arithmrtic Bank's World - December 1992


Grades k-12 - Trigram is a set of 9 similar right triangles: 1 large, 3 medium and 5 small triangles that form a near square rectangle as shown above. The Trigram is 2 different products. The manipulative and a teacher book to introduce and teach trigonometry concepts in middle and high school through hands-on activities. The manipulative and a small booklet of Tangram type puzzle shapes that can be constructed with the pieces. To get more information about current or future manipulatives, inventions & curriculum programs contact:



Published by ETA 1998

Grades 2-8 Factor Blocks are a set of rectangular prisms whose dimensions are single digit primes. Factor Blocks help teach a variety of topics such as prime numbers, the multiplication table, prime factorization, GCF and LCM, fractions, graphing linear relationships, length-area-volume, and solving algebraic equations.



Grades k-6 - GeoFigures is a set of two similar right triangles and five common geometric shapes. A near square rectangle can be made with the 7 GeoFigures. This puzzle can be used to construct a large number of interesting shapes and to explore many of the basic concepts in geometry.


Dr. Super's GeoJr

Grades 2-6 - Geo Jr is an interactive software program that allows children to make Interesting puzzles and shapes and find their area and perimeters. All the shapes are produced from squares and right triangles. Children can Flip, slide, rotate, scale, and color these shapes to complete the puzzles or construct shapes. An ActiveX beta version of this product is completed.